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How to Use Grapefruit Essential Oil To Improve Body Image

Nov 15

Grapefruit offers emotional support for the those that have a poor body image. In our culture, I think every woman at some point looks at another woman and wishes they could look or be more like them. Magazines are filled with beautiful airbrushed women, billboards, internet sites, that desire to be beautiful and the need to feel adequate is everywhere. There seems to be no escape.

This can lead to several health concerns and eating disorders like bulimia, wrongly-applied fasting, or just plain starving yourself. But what if you could get to the root of the problem? What if there was a solution right at your fingertips that costs less than pennies on the dollar? What if there was REAL help out there for you? Would you be interested?

If you said yes to any of the questions above, I'd like to share something with you. It's nothing new or different. In fact, you've probably already heard it a million times, BUT, it's never been done RIGHT before.

You've heard of grapefruit diets and how it helps our bodies lose weight. Why they even make grapefruit pills you can take and supposedly lose weight. The truth is, that while grapefruit is amazingly helpful and beneficial for our bodies, the true benefit doesn't come in a pill form, it comes in the oil.

You see, when you SMELL grapefruit essential oil, it accesses your Amygdala gland. This gland in your brain is ONLY accessed by scent. It is the part of our body that holds emotional grief.

It works somewhat like this. You smell fresh baked cookies and you automatically find yourself thinking of your grandma who used to make your cookies all the time as a child. Or when you smell that fresh Christmas tree, it jogs your memory of that one amazing Christmas you'll never forget.

The same is true with smelling grapefruit. Not only does smelling it curb your appetite, but it miraculously deals with the hatred for the body, helps with addiction to food or dieting, helps with eating disorders, and abolishes anxiety over appearance.

Remove the root cause and you remove the symptom. If you suffer from an eating disorder, my heart goes out to you, and in love, I say, try grapefruit essential oil. You will be so glad you did!

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