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Mother Thanks West Palm Beach Detox for Son's Recovery from Decade of Addiction

Mar 11


Addiction Treatment in West Palm Beach, FL

Experts in addiction treatment understand that substance use disorders are difficult to overcome. However, many patients can find successful recovery through practical, evidence-based treatment programs that provide caring support and focused clinical care. A patient’s first encounter with an addiction treatment center may not ultimately lead to sustained long-term sobriety. Still, exceptional drug and alcohol detox centers like 1 Solution Detox can prepare patients physically and emotionally for continued recovery that allows for a life of health and wellbeing.

Failed Drug Rehab Attempts

Valerie R. recently sent her son to 1 Solution Detox in West Palm Beach, FL, after several attempts to get sober at other alcohol and drug rehabs. He had been struggling with substance abuse problems for years, which took a toll on her mental health. She worried about him when he was drinking and using drugs, but she also worried about him in these treatment programs. She was frustrated by the lack of transparency and communication provided by treatment center staff.

Her involvement with 1 Solution Detox was unlike these previous experiences. In a 5-star Google review, Valerie said: “I have dealt with many detox/rehabs in the Broward /Palm Beach area. Some who seem to care (a little), some who care about money or not at all. It was all frightening, frustrating, and depressing. Until my child went to 1 Solution Detox.”

She went on to commend the staff for remaining accessible to her throughout her son’s stay in treatment, even pointing out that when she called in a panic at 1:00 a.m. one night, they were available to reassure her. She concluded her points by saying: “These folks went above and beyond for our family, and they will work for yours. Take it from a mom, put them in the place where they care so you can have peace of mind.”

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A Chronic Disease of Relapse

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) states in an article on the efficacy of drug addiction treatment, “The chronic nature of the disease means that relapsing to drug abuse is not only possible but also likely, with symptom recurrence rates similar to those for other well-characterized chronic medical illnesses—such as diabetes, hypertension, and asthma—that also have both physiological and behavioral components.” However, they also note that, like other chronic diseases, addiction can be managed through effective treatment.

"Whole Patient" Approach to Recovery

While Valerie certainly appreciated the family involvement aspect of the addiction treatment program at 1 Solution Detox, her son also benefitted from it. When asked about this, Program Director Brian Hoffman, MA, RMHCI, said, “What makes our treatment program uniquely effective is that we try to approach treatment from a whole-patient perspective. This means that while we focus on treating our clients mentally, physically, and emotionally, we also want to help them mend relationships and improve their social health. We believe this gives our patients a better chance to avoid relapse when they leave treatment.”

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