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It’s time for Thanksgiving.

Mar 29

Massage Mesa studios consider it our top priority to improve the quality of life for everyone who passes through their doors. We are able to customize therapeutic massages, keep updated on new techniques and offer mindfulness suggestions that can enhance your well-being. We do this because you are so grateful!

Gratitude helps us to grow studios locally owned and operated into the best possible versions of ourselves. And it can help you, too! Consider making November, the month of Thanksgiving, a time you cultivate gratitude. It won’t be long before you feel the benefits, as will all your family members.

Gratitude and its rewards

Psychology Today refers to gratitude as the "expression of appreciation for one's possessions." It covers all things, people, abilities, emotions, and personal relationships. The article also mentions research showing that people who practice gratefulness experience less pain, anxiety, as well as insomnia. They may have stronger immune systems, better relationships, and perform better at school and work.

Gratitude and its application.

A feeling of gratitude can be described as an emotion that you feel when you see, hear, or are reminded of great things. Don't worry about not feeling grateful at the moment. Gratitude is a state that can be exercised, strengthened, and stretched. Below we've collected some thankfulness practices which are simple to follow. You might feel the benefits of gratitude, whether you choose one, two, three, or several. Regular practice will help you to do this.

Count your blessings.

Take the time to observe what you (as an individual) value and make notes. This can be done weekly, daily, or even in a rolling manner, adding blessings when they are given to you. This is a wonderful way to increase your gratitude.

This holiday favorite and catchy tune will teach you everything about counting blessings. It's possible to find yourself singing along to a gratitude reminder for days!

Keep a gratitude journal.

If you're ready for a thank-you journal, then this is the right tool for you. There are many types of journals on the market. However, you don't necessarily need more than a simple notebook or pad. Start listing blessings by simply writing down the date. A physical record allows you to easily recall your blessings throughout the day. This is especially helpful in difficult times when it can be hard to feel grateful.



Use visual reminders of your blessings to surround yourself.

You may find it easier to use visual cues to express gratitude if you are a visual thinker. You can use symbols, photos, and tokens to invoke memories and encourage gratitude. No matter where you keep them together or if you create a home altar from them, don't forget to rotate and rearrange your collection. This helps keep them fresh in mind and keeps them from getting lost.

You can expect more challenging times.

Make an effort to not forget the times you have been unhappy in your life. While it might seem counterintuitive to do this, Emmons says "trials in suffering can actually refine, deepen, and even enhance gratitude if you allow them to show that we don't take things for granted." Emmons also reminds us of the power of this practice by reminding us that Thanksgiving was inspired not by times of abundance but hardships.

Say Thank You

Harvard experts suggest that you create Thank-You Notes. This will increase your happiness and foster relationships with others. This can be a handwritten letter, an email, or a post on Facebook or Twitter if necessary.

If these options seem overwhelming, you may consider writing a mental thank-you note. This will keep your gratitude practice current. It may even inspire and motivate you to give them more love or kindness in the near future.

Donate your treasure or time.

Michael Norton from Harvard Business School and his associates proved that it's more rewarding to give than to take. A recent study discovered that giving money to another person increases happiness more than spending the money on oneself. Giving money or time is a great way to show gratitude and raise your spirits. It will benefit both you and the receiver.

You can show gratitude to your body and continue the practice!

You can show your gratitude for your body by giving it a series of massages. The best way to reward your body is to get a good night's sleep and nourish it regularly with healthy and delicious meals. It helps to have a high level of gratitude. It makes your world and you happier, healthier, and has more fun. This is the best reason ever to feel thankful


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