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The Best Marriage Counseling Retreats Center to Save Your Relationship

Apr 17

Ross Hackerson, a relationship coach, is the smart mind behind An affair Of The Heart, which is like an organization helping couples in crisis. He has over 40 years of experience helping couples save their relationships and live happily thereafter. Ross and An Affair Of The Heart are working extra hard to organize Intensive Marriage Counseling Retreats to help save relationships. Here is how our team and couples retreats can save your relationship.

We Help Reestablish Broken Trust after Infidelity

When a couple discovers that one of them is cheating, their relationship will be in turmoil. An affair is an act of betrayal, and one of the parties can feel aggrieved and frustrated. They may feel disappointed, which can even affect their emotional balance and self-confidence. After discovering an affair, you need professional help to overcome the shock and heal. NYC Marriage Counseling and retreats can be of great help you to heal and save the relationship. During the retreats, therapists will help you talk to each other, take necessary steps to rebuild broken trust, and focus on moving forward together. 

We Help You Avoid Divorce or Separation 

After discovering an affair or experiencing minor or major relationship issues, couples think of getting a divorce. However, divorce should be the last option. You and your partner should look for avenues and ways to solve your relationship issues. Going for Marriage Therapy Retreats will help you address the main issues affecting your relationship, and probably your relationship will get better. An Affair Of The Heart offers couple therapy services during their retreats to help couples solve problems that make them suffer and restore trust in one another. This ensures you forget about divorce or separation.

We Will Help Improve Your Sexual Intimacy

Couples go through physical changes, commitments, affairs, abuse, and more. Partners can feel disconnected due to these issues, affecting their sexual intimacy. When you are disconnected, you may not feel attracted to your partner, which can ruin your relationship. Our Couples Weekend Retreat Therapy can help couples heal old and fresh wounds and feel connected again. Our therapists will also help you rebuild trust and reestablish your relationship.

We Will Enlighten You On How to Solve Issues

If a couple can't agree on small things or even solve minor issues on their own, that means they have a serious problem. Probably their communication is not working, or they don't understand each other well. Couples retreats can help you find ways to solve minor and major issues amicably. In addition, you will be helped to communicate effectively and understand each other. An Affair Of The Heart offers the best NYC Couples Therapy service to help you overcome your challenges and commit to new behaviors to make your relationship better.


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