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Apr 18

If you have gone through a traumatic experience like an accident, rape, or other disasters, healing can be challenging. You need the right support and time to accept the past and move on. Going for therapy sessions may not be enough to help you recover and move on with your life. An Intensive Therapy Retreat is what you need to get better. At Intensive Therapy Retreats, we have the best trauma therapy retreats that can change your life. Here are reasons why you should attend our retreats. 

Fast Results

Trauma can make you have reactions like flashbacks, unpredictable emotions, poor relationships with people, and even lower your productivity at work. You need a solution that guarantees results within a short time to get your life back on track soon. Going for weekly therapy sessions all year is quite a challenge. It is expensive and time-consuming. But our Therapy Retreats last for several days and guarantee fast results.

We Use Scientifically-Proven Therapy Methods

To overcome trauma, you want to go to experienced therapists using tested and approved methods. A scientifically-proven method like EMDR is effective in helping individuals heal from PTSD, rape, physical assault, and other traumatic experiences. At Intensive Therapy Retreats, we have experienced therapists like Dr. Bambi Rattner, certified in EMDR. In addition, our team utilizes IFS and other effective, proven methods during our Therapeutic Retreats. These proven therapy methods for trauma can help you get better and heal fast.

We Have Passionate and Dedicated Therapists

Dealing and overcoming symptoms of trauma is not a simple process. You need proper support from trauma therapists who can feel and understand you. Professionals who can go the extra mile to help you recover and flourish again. When you attend our Trauma Retreat, you will have a one-on-one session with our passionate and dedicated therapists ready to help you. The team will listen, guide, and be with you through the journey of recovery. The most important thing is for you to corporate, and your life will improve or change for the better.

We Can Help You Save Money and Time

Attending trauma therapy can cost you big money, especially when going for sessions for months or years. Surprisingly, you can go for weekly sessions for months or years, but your situation remains the same or improves a little bit. However, our Intensive Trauma Therapy Retreat for 3-5 days guarantees that you will learn a lot to overcome past traumatic experiences and start the healing journey. You will spend less money attending our retreats than therapy sessions that last for months or years, allowing you to save money and time.


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