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Moisture Detection and Control - Mold Patrol

Aug 26

Being a victim of mold within your home could be extremely harmful to your health. It is a fungus that can be found everywhere it is exposed to moisture. Even foods and non-cellulose materials are susceptible to being infested by this fungus. If you notice evidence of water damage or leaks, you need to act quickly.

The fungus mold grows anywhere there is moisture

It can be found everywhere there is humidity. It is potentially dangerous to your health if is found in your home. Because it's a fungusthat reproduces by releasing tiny spores into the air. They move from one place to another. They are present on both outdoor and indoor surfaces and are found in soil as well as on decaying or dead organic matter. While they play a significant role in the degrading organic matter they can also cause respiratory problems for building occupants as well as destruction to construction materials.

It can lead to health issues.

If you've been in a house or apartment with mold, you're aware that the spores may cause many different problems. People who are allergic or suffer from compromised immune systems are especially vulnerable. These people are more likely to develop respiratory and allergic problems along with skin and eye irritations. Mold spores can produce toxins known as mycotoxins. The toxins could cause severe health problems and even death.

It can also grow on non-cellulose substances

While most molds grow on cellulose but it is also possible to develop on other materials like wood. This is possible if these materials are covered in organic dirt such as dead skin cells, grease and oil from food waste or insect droppings. The growth of mold can be rapid. Mold can germinate in only four to twelve hours. A significant infestation can be detected in just twenty-four hours to forty-eight hours. It also needs moisture to live and food sources to be able to digest.

It can be grown on food

While some molds produce mycotoxins, the majority of the moulds in food are not harmful. Microbes that live on animal and plant matter are molds. They make spores, which be spread through your food items.

It is possible to hide behind walls

Mold can pose a major problem. It is a fast-growing issue that can result in a variety of uncomfortable symptoms. There are several preventative measures you can take to lower the chance of developing. These steps can also assist you in getting rid of the mold and ensure that your home is well-maintained.

It can be found in air passageways

Air ducts are a perfect place for mold to grow. As air passes through the ducts, it can collect spores, which are microscopic mold particles. When you notice mold growth on the ducts, you will want to remove the mold as soon as possible. You can also use the assistance of a mold removal specialist if the problem is particularly significant.

It can also grow on carpet

If your home has a large amount of humidity, it is possible for mold to be found on carpet. Make sure to open windows to decrease the chance of mold growth. Fans can be used to remove the excess moisture. Anti-fungal treatments can reduce mold growth. To dry the carpet, you can also use cat litter, talc-free baby powder or baking soda.

It can also be grown on bread

There are many reasons that mold can thrive on bread, for example, the fact that it is a source of moisture and is stored at the temperature of room. Bread is porous which makes it easy for mold to develop. In humid conditions, bread can become an ideal breeding ground for mold. The mold of bread is usually soft and white in its texture. It is easily transferred onto other food items.

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