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What Does a Digital Marketing Manager Do?

Aug 26

What are the responsibilities of an digital marketing manager? How much does this job pay? What is the work environment like? Here are some things to keep in mind if you're interested in this job. This job description isn't complete, but it should give you an concept of the work you'll be doing when you are in this job.

Job done

As a digital market manager your responsibilities will include measuring the effectiveness and collaborating with advertising professionals and also developing A/B testing strategies. Candidates for this position should have at least five years ' experience in digital marketing. Additionally, they should have solid understanding of the fundamentals of PPC, ecommerce and SEO. Digital marketing managers must possess excellent writing skills and be at ease in a matrix-based environment. In turn they need to build and maintain relationships with various employees within the business.

A digital marketing manager may be also responsible for the development of the website of a company and managing all marketing channels that are digital. He or she will plan and execute every online marketing campaign as well as establish a social media presence and monitor results. They will also design editorial calendars for different digital channels and keep them up to date with the latest posts.

In addition to these skills the digital marketing manager must be competent in communicating effectively and clearly to the target audience. The field of digital marketing is a competitive one. It is possible to succeed when you possess the appropriate skills. A digital marketing manager must be able to demonstrate a high level of character and ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously. This means they must be able to prioritize tasks, and delegate to others.

A digital marketing manager supervises an entire team of marketing experts. This team is responsible for paid search as well as social media marketing SEO, email marketing, and other related areas. The team member will be a point of contact for clients. The ideal digital marketing manager has outstanding communication skills, strong leadership abilities, and has experience managing content and strategy. They should also be knowledgeable about analytics and SEO.

The company's digital marketing manager is accountable for the health and growth of their team. They must provide guidance to team members, and keep everyone aligned on messaging. They must be able share information obtained from analytics tools and clearly explain the results of their work.

Education required

If you're interested in becoming an online marketing manager, you must have an education in this field. A bachelor's degree is the standard requirements, but some firms may require a master's degree. To succeed in this industry, you have to have great communication skills and a solid grasp of the digital marketing techniques. The competencies you require are social media platform development along with email marketing and SEO. You'll be accountable for managing all phases of a marketing campaign, as well as communicating with a variety of people.

A bachelor's degree in the field of marketing is typically required for entry-level jobs. However many of the most prominent agencies and marketing firms require an advanced degree. Additionally, you may need to complete specialized training in your area. Reputable organizations can offer certifications in digital market. This will help you distinguish yourself from your competitors and make you an attractive prospect for employers.

A degree in information technology or computer science can help you complete the task. An MBA can also be beneficial in the event that you wish to move to a higher level. It is essential to have an understanding of traditional marketing techniques as well as a master's degree in digital marketing. A job description of an executive in digital marketing should provide you with a good understanding of the abilities you'll be expected to have.

Getting a certification in digital marketing is crucial for a digital marketing manager. Particularly, you will have to comprehend social media as well as email marketing and PPC marketing strategies. The American Marketing Association offers the Professional Certified Marketer (PCM) certificate, which certifies you as a professional in marketing.

The digital marketing manager is responsible for overseeing the team comprised of marketing experts. Each member will be responsible for managing various marketing channels and developing an online presence for the company. The digital marketing manager will be in close contact with the management of the business as well as other departments. The manager of marketing will assign tasks and oversee the entire marketing efforts.


The median salary for a Digital Marketing Manager is $63,000. However, there are a few differences depending on the location and level of experience. Digital marketing managers for large companies tend to make more than those working for smaller firms. However, even the highest earners in this field are not too far from the national average.

The principal responsibilities of Digital Marketing Managers include designing and executing marketing campaigns, as well as analyzing metrics and identifying marketing trends. The role is typically an executive in a team, however it could be an individual one. Candidates should have previous expertise in marketing, advertising and management of social media. They also need an analytical and strong interpersonal skills. The position requires regular reporting to the Digital Marketing Director and working with experts in advertising.

A Digital Marketing Manager is expected to take part in numerous meetings throughout the day, varying from meetings with clients, upper management and other departments of an agency for marketing. These meetings can include discussions about client expectations and devising strategies for achieving them, to evaluating the effectiveness of their plans and improving the outcomes. Digital marketing managers are required to spend much of their time meeting clients.

Digital Marketing Managers may work for a small local agency or even a huge corporate organization, and the skills required will be similar. However, digital marketing managers in smaller markets will possess a specialization in the improvement of websites and products for the region they are serving. The compensation for this job will vary based on the specific skills possessed and the degree of experience and location.

You will be responsible to create relevant content that creates brand awareness as a digital marketing professional. Content is the most important element to successful online marketing. A Content Marketing Manager must possess a thorough understanding of social media analytics in order to create content that is shared. Furthermore a Content Marketing Manager must be aware of the advantages of each campaign strategy.

Although the use of digital marketing has become increasingly popular, salaries for these professionals remain relatively low. Managers of digital marketing, especially those employed by agencies, usually manage several accounts and clients. They will also need to oversee multiple accounts as well as manage social media, content marketing as well as PPC. Digital marketers who are able to handle multiple specializations will be more attractive to employers.

Work setting

Working as an executive in digital marketing requires an extensive understanding of the field. Typically, such managers have completed a degree in a related field and have an in-depth knowledge of digital marketing as a whole. They are proficient in email marketing, web design SEO, SEO, and related fields. They must also be adept on social media platforms. They need to not only supervise every stage of a campaign, but be able to interact with different people.

Marketing managers who are digitally savvy are highly sought-after. They carry out a range of tasks in a wide range of companies. They may be responsible for the effectiveness of agencies and a team of marketers. They collaborate with clients to create quick-term strategies for advertising as well as digital marketing campaigns. To succeed as an executive in digital marketing, you'll need to have an extensive background in marketing and strong brand awareness. You will also be responsible to try out new strategies and tools.

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