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Wood Carving Gifts

Aug 26

You may be interested in wooden gifts for those who are woodcarver. This is a great way for you to support artists. The products are designed by artists that are independent, and printed on top quality materials. They are printed one at a time and in a socially responsible way, which puts more money into the artists' pockets.

Tim Collins

Tim Collins was never an artist but began carving wood in April 2011. He also creates murals. The wood is generally made from dead trees. In a recent piece, Josh Baken wrote about Collins Wood carvings.

His works are displayed in various public spaces, including the Fort Mason Center and the Art Institute of California. He was also a part of an exhibit of faculty members at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. His work was also showcased at San Francisco Art Institute, which was the venue for the MFA exhibition. In addition to his shows for public art He has also designed a variety of collaborations.

Schaaf Tools

Schaaf Tools offers a full range of tools suitable for beginner as well as advanced carvers. The Swiss-made carving tools are solidified to Rockwell C60 and will hold their edge for many hours. These tools also come with ash wood handles, which will prevent them from sliding off the work surface.

The knife for cutting wood can be very sharp and could cause you to cut yourself. The best way to protect your hands is to use the protective tape for your fingers. This will protect your hands and not hinder the ability to move. For maximum coverage you should wrap the tape several times.

You can also buy an assortment of chisels as well as gouges to get started. These chisels are ergonomically designed and are available in a variety of sizes. As you develop your skills, you can buy more tools to expand your set.


Wood carvings make an incredibly thoughtful and unique present that you can gift to a friend, loved one or family member. These handcrafted sculptures are great choices for presents for the holidays and are also great for decorations for your home. These gifts are unique and will be treasured for many years.

A complete set of tools for woodcarving is a great gift idea for woodcarvers. This set includes the essential tools - 8 chisels two rasps with three sharpening files and an enclosure. These tools can be utilized by woodcarvers to design an art project, or keep the track of their work.

Basswood blocks

Basswood blocks are fantastic gifts for woodcarvers, no matter their age. These blocks are durable and can be used for carving and whittling. To give the recipient choice, you can purchase different dimensions of blocks. Certain blocks are larger than others.

Basswood is a popular option for carving due to its value for money as well as its ease of workability and outstanding finishing properties. Basswood is available in many sizes which make it ideal for a variety of tasks. In addition, basswood is free of any odor or allergic reactions and makes an ideal carving material that is safe.

Wood frame with engraving and photo

Wood frames with engraving are excellent presents for special occasions. A wood frame with a photo can be given to dad for his birthday. You can include the name of the father or the date they got married. The personalized gift ideas are great to present at any time.

Photographic keepsakes made from laser-engraved wood last for years, making them a lasting gift. Laser Engraved Memories makes use of laser engraving to ensure high contrast and detail.

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