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Sep 29

If your life has not been going as expected due to mental health issues or past painful experiences, you need to look for a lasting solution. Going for weekly therapy sessions may not be a perfect solution. You will just spend your money and may not see the best results even after a year. You should consider something profound, like a Complex PTSD Retreat. The retreat will help you heal core trauma and start a new journey to success. Intensive Therapy Retreats is a trusted facility organizing the best retreats for persons struggling with unresolved trauma and mental health conditions. Here is why you should attend our upcoming Therapy Retreats.

We Listen to You

We know that people go through a lot of things in life. What can make you depressed may not be the one causing depression in your friend. As a result, we take a personalized approach when addressing different mental health issues. We listen to you so that we can understand your journey and come up with unique solutions to your situation. By listening to you and using unique approaches, we are able to address the cause of your problem, which helps eliminate the symptoms.

We Use Personalized Approach and Advanced Solutions

When you come to our Therapy Retreats for Adults, you should expect to interact with professional therapists with vast experience. Our therapists use modern and scientific solutions like intensive family systems and EMDR to help our clients heal and move forward with life. We also hold retreats in beautiful, fun places. That ensures that you come to a new place where you can have time to unwind, relax and rethink your life. That boosts your recovery journey. 

We Guarantee Fast Results

Most counselors offer weekly and monthly sessions where you can spend a lot of money. The problem with these sessions is that you can go for months and even years and still don't see any improvement or change in your life. So why should you choose that route? At Intensive Therapy Retreats, we offer a 3-5-day Trauma Recovery Retreat and Mental Health Getaway to heal your unresolved trauma and help you move forward. Our retreats can also help people with depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and chronic stress.

We Ensure It Is an Ongoing Process 

At Intensive Therapy Retreats, we want to establish a professional, long-lasting relationship with our clients. So our relationship does not end at the end of the retreats. We keep open communication where you can contact us at any time. We can also contact you to know how you are doing. We will support you when necessary.


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