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Oct 19


Behavioral health near me, or behavioral medicine, is the scientific study of the relationship between behavioral and mental processes (including addiction) and physical health. Behavioral healthcare professionals work with people to assess, prevent and treat behavioral and mental health conditions such as substance use disorders, depression, anxiety disorders and specific phobias.

Behavioral health specialists include psychiatrists, psychologists and clinical social workers.

In behavioral medicine, behavioral health professionals work with other health care disciplines to treat behavioral issues and promote better overall physical health.

A behavioral health specialist can be a psychiatrist, who is a medical doctor (MD), or a psychologist. Clinical social workers and social workers help people manage mental illness and emotional distress while promoting wellness.

What does behavioral healthcare involve?

The goal of behavioral healthcare is to diagnose and understand the cause of behavior problems, such as maladaptive thoughts and behavioral patterns that interfere with everyday life. The specialists then find ways to address this underlying issue through an array of treatments including medication, talk therapy or other therapies such as art or music therapy. For example, doctors may prescribe antidepressants for depression; counseling could also be prescribed, or behavioral health near me changes may be advised to help improve sleep patterns.

What conditions are treated through behavioral health?

Behavioral healthcare professionals treat people for behavioral issues, which can arise due to mental illnesses like depression and anxiety disorders; addiction (drugs, alcohol); trauma-related problems; behavioral addictions (sex, gambling, gaming); attention deficit hyperactivity disorder; Tourette's syndrome; autism spectrum disorder; obsessive compulsive disorder; bipolar disorder; schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders. Common behavioral health issues in children include ADHD, behavioral problems and learning disabilities. Behavioral health is also important in the overall treatment of chronic medical conditions including heart disease, diabetes and asthma.


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