When recalling his first migraine as a 17-year-old highschool pupil, Karamo Brown the Queer Eye star and co-founder of MANTL says, “I used to be fully confused…I didn’t know what it was. While you’re in highschool, everybody’s like ‘it’s only a headache, recover from it.’” 

Sadly, Brown isn’t alone in that have. In accordance with neurologist Susan Hutchinson, M.D, many individuals mistake migraines for dangerous complications or sinus infections, and oftentimes, individuals are stigmatized for the unrecognizable ache. 

To assist break that stigma, Brown and Hutchinson are supporting the Know Migraine Mission—a motion aimed toward educating individuals on the signs and negative effects of migraines.

Whereas it’s essential for individuals experiencing the situation to know what is going on on, with a purpose to search mandatory assist, Brown says it’s additionally essential for members of the family and pals of migraine victims to grasp. This may empower them to supply mandatory assist—one thing Brown didn’t obtain upfront as a teen. 

Being invalidated in highschool was disheartening, he tells mbg. “I believe a variety of occasions as a tradition we dismiss individuals after they let you know what they’re experiencing. At 17, I didn’t have the language or the braveness to combat again,” he says.

As a substitute, Brown struggled by fluorescent-lit lunches together with his eyes shut. “As I obtained older, I noticed I didn’t must undergo. I can discover the language. I can discover the assist. I can discuss to a health care provider and inform them what I’m experiencing to allow them to actually diagnose me,” he states.

Whereas there’s at present no treatment for migraines, Hutchinson says there are incredible treatments—which is why it’s so essential to acknowledge the signs. Figuring out if or when somebody is experiencing a migraine can empower them to hunt care and, subsequently, discover therapy. Sure at-home management tools may also be useful, relying on the set off.

For Brown, stress amidst the pandemic, compounded by grief and alter in routine exacerbated his migraines. “It was simply actually dangerous for me since you’re in a second the place stress could be triggered always,” he says. 

To assist preserve his bodily and psychological well being all through, Brown leaned on stress management techniques, a constant routine, his physician, and supportive pals (inside his quarantine bubble, after all.)

“For me, it’s actually about taking time to do issues which might be going to make me blissful,” Brown says. Bounce-roping to get his endorphins flowing, waking up early within the morning to keep away from vivid daylight, and meditating with the blinds closed are all methods he helps handle his migraine days.