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Speech Therapy in Roswell, GA - Improve Communication Skills

Oct 17

Communication is an essential part of everyday life in Roswell, GA; it allows us to express ourselves, build relationships with people, and understand what other people are trying to say. Speech therapy helps improve communication skills by providing specialized therapy for the mouth, tongue, voice box (larynx), teeth, lips, jaw joints (mandible), facial muscles, and nerves that control speech. Speech Therapy in Roswell can help individuals who have difficulty speaking because of physical problems such as paralysis or brain injury.

What is speech therapy?

Speech therapy in Roswell, GA, is an intervention that focuses on the development of communication skills. Communication can be broken into four components: Speech sounds, vocabulary, sentence structure, and fluency. Speech-language pathologists work with children in areas such as articulation (pronouncing words correctly), phonology (the study of speech sounds), expressive language (how well someone communicates thoughts and ideas through speaking or writing), and receptive language (how well someone understands what others are saying to them). Speech therapists also assess speech production for motor planning issues.

Speech Therapy in Roswell, GA, has been proven to be effective in addressing language learning disabilities such as delayed language development, stuttering or fluency disorders, aphasia due to stroke, or other neurological conditions like traumatic brain injury (TBI) and autism spectrum disorder (ASD), among others.

Why do I Need Speech Therapy in Roswell, GA?

Speech Therapy Roswell is a treatment available for patients of all ages who have difficulty speaking, swallowing, or articulating the words they want to say. Speech therapists will be able to help you or your child better communicate by teaching vocal exercises and working on pronunciation. Speech therapy is also very helpful for those that have hearing loss or auditory processing disorder. Speech therapists are equipped to help anyone with these concerns in Roswell, GA.

How does it work?

Speech therapy in Roswell, GA, helps you identify and correct your speech problems by using a variety of exercises or activities designed to make it easier for you to talk. Speech Therapists in Roswell, GA, use Speech-Language Pathology techniques to improve communication skills by motivating people with appropriate exercises, occasionally employing hearing aids, prosthetics, less common augmentative options such as the DynaVox computer voice system, or other types of assistive listening devices.

Speech Therapy Roswell is the best way to develop good communication skills. Speech Therapists create an individualized plan for each person, which addresses specific goals and helps you meet those goals more quickly. Speech therapy includes exercises that focus on learning different sounds, improving your voice quality or strength of muscles used in speech production (phonation).

Parents in Roswell, GA, can also play a role by ensuring their child gets extra practice at home with conversational partners such as family members who are willing to work closely with them. Speech-Language Pathologists will recommend activities parents may do at home with their children to support speech development and language acquisition milestones.

Who can benefit from a Speech Therapist?

The Speech Therapist in Roswell, GA, can help many different people, including those who have dealt with a stroke. Speech therapists also work with those injured from an accident and require rehabilitation and improvement of their communication skills. Speech Therapists can also help those who suffer from autism or another disorder that impacts their speech and social skills. Speech Therapists in Roswell, GA, provide support for those who need to re-learn how to speak after undergoing a surgical procedure. Speech Therapists also provide assistance to people with head injuries, such as the elderly, children, and adults.

What are the benefits of speech therapy for children and adults?

Some of the benefits of Speech Therapy in Roswell, GA, including improving communication skills, strengthening language, learning to use other parts of their body to substitute for speech (e.g., signing), and social skills. Speech therapy also helps develop ways to deal with frustration or other emotions that may be associated with difficulty in communicating verbally. Speech therapy in Roswell, GA, is helpful for adults who have had a stroke or other injury-causing speech/language problems and children who are experiencing delays in speech development. An individual’s health insurance policy often covers speech therapy. Speech therapy is typically provided by a Speech-Language Pathologist who will work with the individual to develop treatment plans unique for each patient.

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