Compost to make a difference with your food waste

We could go on about the benefits of composting, but here’s the bottom line. Hard as we try to reduce it, food waste is a natural byproduct of being a human. Food scraps that go in the garbage, and then landfills, generate methane (again, not our friend). Composting reduces the overall impact of food waste, while nourishing the soil for other green endeavors like gardening. And pro tip: when we compost, our trash doesn’t get smelly so quickly.

Make your hot drink rituals waste-free

With SodaStream, we can sustainably satisfy our cravings for bubbles and refreshment. But we all have our hot drink rituals of choice, too — and most of them result in unnecessary waste. Instead of using tea bags, most of which aren’t compostable, use a tea strainer and loose tea blends. If you jive with java, swap the classic chlorine-bleached coffee filters for reusable coffee filters made of organic cotton. Rituals that benefit ourselves and the planet feel better start-to-finish.

When sustainability is as simple as pressing a button

The call for sustainability continues to grow louder. But we know that sustainability can feel like a big word, and where to start? Our answer is: small steps. Inspired by SodaStream and their initiative to reduce single-use plastic waste, we’ve realized it’s about doing what we can with what we have. Often, sustainability is simpler than we think, so press that SodaStream button, sip your bubbles, and get to swapping!