Folks could really feel attractive earlier than their interval due to their hormonal cycle. Our hormone ranges fluctuate relying on the section of their menstrual cycle. The hormones testosterone and estrogen are linked with sexual desire. Estrogen will start to peak throughout ovulation, says reproductive endocrinologist Sheeva Talebian, M.D., and testosterone additionally surges. Meaning the need to have intercourse normally will increase across the ovulatory section, which begins about 14 days earlier than menstruation and may final till about seven days earlier than.

“Folks with vaginas are most fertile after we ovulate, and that spike in testosterone fees up our physique to want intercourse,” writes useful well being coach Erin Rachel Doppelt, M.A., who tracks her menstrual cycle with her partner and encourages different {couples} to do the identical. “Throughout this time, I really feel attractive,” she says. “Sometimes my pores and skin is a little more oily, my hair is shiny, and my odor is totally different—extra candy and tangy. As a result of I am feeling and looking extra enticing than ever, my companion and I prefer to get it on throughout this time.” 

The hormonal cycle could have quite a bit to do with feeling attractive earlier than your interval—nevertheless it’s not the one purpose, and never everybody experiences it. “Want is multifactorial,” OB/GYN and integrative girls’s well being knowledgeable Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz, M.D., tells mbg. Every part from private historical past to sexual desire; temper; and psychological, psychological, and bodily elements; can all play a job in feeling turned on.