Tamanu oil is tremendous versatile. Yow will discover it in a variety of face and physique oils, moisturizers, and serums (even a hair care product or two). However in line with Robinson, tamanu is sort of the triple risk in skincare: “It may be utilized in a masks, moisturizer, or spot therapy,” he says. 

For a masks, merely combine the tamanu oil with one other hydrating base ingredient (like Manuka honey or aloe) and slather on for a couple of minutes earlier than rinsing with lukewarm water. Or, if a moisturizer is extra your jam, combine a few drops of tamanu oil into your favourite cream or facial oil (or discover one which has tamanu oil already, like our recs under) and therapeutic massage it into your pores and skin. 

Even should you go for the spot therapy, you may nonetheless need to dilute tamanu with one other service oil earlier than dabbing on areas of difficulty. Its antimicrobial properties do make it a formidable treatment for blemishes, however it’s fairly potent—much like, say, tea tree oil