We’ve got a rising variety of enquiries from vegans in quest of appropriate natural skincare.

To make sure your merchandise are all animal-friendly, look out for the next when scanning your ingredient lists.


All Pai lotions are free from beeswax – which is comparatively uncommon within the pure magnificence world.

I don’t simply omit beeswax for our vegan clients. I additionally go away it out as a result of it’s not nice for the pores and skin.

Beeswax is taken into account an animal ‘by-product’ as a result of it’s produced from the honeycomb made by busy bees. It’s generally utilized in pure cosmetics as an emulsifier or thickener – an ingredient that helps the water and oil parts of a cream bind collectively.

Beeswax additionally varieties the idea of balms, which create a protecting barrier on the pores and skin. Although beeswax is a superb pure ingredient, it isn’t absorbed properly by the pores and skin and might make face lotions really feel cloying and go away behind greasy residues. As a result of it might probably’t penetrate the dermis, it might probably additionally suffocate delicate pores and skin and block pores.


That is an oily residue from lamb’s wool that’s utilized in quite a lot of mainstream hair and skincare merchandise for its moisturising and emulsifying qualities.

For extra info on lanolin and delicate pores and skin, check out my earlier blog.


Vitamin A is nice for the pores and skin nevertheless it’s necessary to notice that it exists in two varieties. Retinol is the animal-derived kind and might be present in merchandise reminiscent of anti-wrinkle and eye lotions.

Lactic Acid

This may be present in animal tissue and might be derived from milk. Lactic Acid is commonly utilized in exfoliators and even pores and skin peels and might work properly as a line and scar reducer. Additionally it is used as a pH regulator. Pai solely ever makes use of plant-derived lactic acid extracted from sugar beet.