What To Expect At Mendable Psychology And Integrative Health, 11706 104 Ave. Unit 207, Grande Prairie, AB T8V 6K3


There is little doubt that the first time you visit a counsellor it can be very intimidating, especially for women. The thought alone can push people away as what you see on TV, read online or experienced through friends and family may just be the only information you have to know what it’s like.  Most people envision seeing themselves laying on a couch while their therapist sits in a chair asking you to recall the details about the dream you just had.  Truth be told, many therapists provide many different personalities and work through many different approachings each session making each visit quite diverse.

At Mendable Psychology And Integrative Health, we work hard to provide a comfortable and relaxed environment and atmosphere.  If you need to be comfortable holding a warm drink then we want you to feel welcome and help yourself to our own coffee bar (or just bring your own.)  Our seats in our therapy office typically are there for us to get to know you.  Our therapists will normally spend some time introducing themselves and of course what to expect during your counselling session…like specific expectations for therapy.  If you have followed up and filled out all the necessary documentation then it’s likely that one of our counsellors will have some follow up questions during your first appointment (most do). Typically by the end of the appointment, you should be able to describe the goals you wish to achieve and we will provide the framework and schedule on how our therapists can help you get there.

There are so many different ways that counselling can be done…every therapist has their own way.  Some might have you using a whiteboard drawing out some ideas while others will focus on body sensations, movements or tracking your emotions through thoughts, dreams, behaviours or even homework.   At our location we value using a collaborative approach, meaning we want to work together with you to decide what will work best.  Your input is very important as you know yourself better then anyway and we want to ensure your success by any means possible.

To learn more about us you can find us at

Mendable Psychology and Integrative Health

11706 104 Ave. Unit 207
Grande Prairie, AB
T8V 6K3
(780) 228-6250

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