“For the reason that election will not be going to be selected Tuesday, I am not planning to remain up all evening for a end result and as a substitute am ensuring to get loads of relaxation,” Xochitl Oseguera, vp of MamásConPoder, tells mbg. “Keep sane by maintaining your life as traditional.”

Planning forward can solely take you up to now—sooner or later, we just do want to attend and see what occurs. When you’ve got extra details about what is going on to occur, you can take the actions you should take in line with your aforementioned plan. Till then, give your self permission to periodically unplug, get outdoors, and discover bits of peace and solace. 

Even within the face of actual adversity, cognitive neuroscientist Caroline Leaf, Ph.D., tells mbg that short-term distractions (emphasis on the phrase short-term) might help us handle our feelings and preserve damaging fear at bay.

“You do not have to really feel guilt or disgrace while you assume anxious ideas,” Leaf tells mbg. “Actually, you should permit room for adverse ideas in your life, as they might help put together you for worst-case eventualities, cope with the previous, and preserve you grounded. Nevertheless, these adverse ideas should be balanced with the nice in order that they do not turn into the dominant construction in your mind.”

(Listed here are a number of extra practical ways to manage worry from Leaf.)